Feb 17, 2010


The summer of 1994 I spent in Los Angeles. I spent every waking moment taking photos of the people I encountered that summer all over the City. I shot with a 4 by 5 field camera: I think a Toyo. It was so much fun. I think the images are incredible and it is time to share them with the world! Right now I am making gorgeous "giclee" prints with my new Epson 3880 but they will be printed as Gelatin Silver Prints too soon. I am totally blown away by the quality of the "inkjet" prints. Wow. Enjoy

These are not yet on the main part of my site. But you can access them here: LaLaLand

Jan 19, 2010

Poor Rabbit

Here is another still life from the Milton series. This project is not yet completed as I will go back this Spring to finish it.

Dec 23, 2009

Milton Still Lifes

Seasons Greetings to you and your family!

This is an image from my Milton still life series. I shot the still lifes in both 4 by 5 chrome and digital. The 4 by 5 chromes will be very handy when it comes time to show the prints in a gallery. All the images are sort of "leftovers" as well. This image was made possible when my parents neighbor showed me the deer he shot with a bow and arrow. I borrowed the head from him before he boiled it to remove the flesh. I was referencing old Dutch still lifes at the time. As always it was stressful deciding what to include in the still life and what to leave out. I think I got it right after much deliberation. Oddly enough when I was researching other good photographic  still lifes, I could not find much that was pure fine art. There are a ton of "commercial" still life applications but not many solid fine art photographic still lifes. This new series is up and running on my website. Please check it out: Gregfriedler.com

In other news, I will have an article coming out on my Naked series in Exposure Magazine. This should be out early in 2010 and will certainly be good "exposure" for lack of a better word.

Also in the New Year, I will post my new assignment portfolio. I am working with an incredible consultant to re-brand my work for ad agencies, designers, and magazines. 

I want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season and a Happy New Year.

Lastly, remember that Stripped: Greg Friedler's Naked Las Vegas, a documentary by David Palmer, will begin airing in March 2010 on Showtime for 2 Years, yep 2 years! Stay tuned for additional details.

Nov 18, 2009

For Sale This Holiday Season

These two images are for sale for a short time only. You can get a signed, archival 11 by 17 inch inkjet print for only $225! Contact Greg for more info.

Nov 17, 2009

Commerce City

I went out to Commerce City on Friday night to a band jam session. They opened the garage door and this was what I found outside. It had snowed quite a bit that day. I shot a few different scenarios but this seems to be the best one!

Early Thanksgiving

I am working on a new set of "leftovers" imagery. My buddy Matt fixed us all an amazing Thanksgiving dinner three weeks before the actual event. These are the leftovers.

I am looking forward to hanging out with my parents over Thanksgiving and producing a new body of work in Milton, Mass. All images will be shot using my 4 by 5 camera. It is super fun to get back to film and large format!

I am very pleased to now be working with Paul Cava. Paul was Jock Sturges' first art dealer. You can see the work by going to: paulcava.com
Paul's amazing art can be viewed a: paulcavaart.com

Oct 29, 2009


I have been shooting "leftovers" for many years now and the project has changed over time. I now have two projects going: One is the "leftovers" of food and such and the other photos are still lifes of "leftovers" that are dead animals basically. I will work more on both of these here in Denver but also while I am home over Thanksgiving. Over Thanksgiving I will re-shoot the project called "Milton" named after the town where my parents reside in Massachussetts. Busy, busy, busy!

This has been a difficult project but I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Today I shot a still life of "leftovers" from Mile Hi Stadium where the Broncos play. And what is really cool is that I shot the still life in the snow. Dont know if you people have heard but Colorado has received a ridiculous amount of snow. It has been snowing non-stop now for well over two days! So anyway I will share some more photos from "leftovers" as I shoot them.